Vanderbilt Graduate School announces new listening tour for students and faculty

Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Dean of the Graduate School André Christie-Mizell is planning a redux this spring of his fall 2023 listening tour with faculty and graduate students to build upon the success that grew from those efforts toward fostering the Vanderbilt culture of collaboration and transparency.

Christie-Mizell and Provost C. Cybele Raver embarked upon the first such tour in 2021, and its success only encouraged them to repeat and widen their scope. Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and Graduate Education Tracey George and Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Dean of Students G.L. Black led the 2023 discussions.

That tour highlighted the work that grew out of the initial tour, including Vanderbilt’s new enhancement model for graduate students, and provided a platform for students and faculty to express their opinions and offer insights into ways to enhance doctoral education.

This initiative has led to significant changes, including the implementation of more robust support structures, increased funding opportunities like the Launching Student Success Supplement and Candidacy Success Supplement, and improved communication channels.

This spring, Christie-Mizell will build on the effort’s success by attending faculty meetings in each academic department to listen and to share information about the changes implemented as part of the Enhanced Funding and Support Model for Doctoral Education.