You at VU: How to report instances of sexual misconduct

Reporting an allegation of sexual misconduct is your choice. You may submit an incident report directly to the Title IX Office. You may speak with a faculty or staff member, who will then submit an incident report on your behalf. Finally, if you are seeking a criminal process instead of a university process, you may report to local law enforcement. 

Confidential resources are those who will not disclose your experience to the Title IX Office without your permission. At Vanderbilt, these resources include the University Counseling Center for students and the Employee Assistance Program for faculty, staff and postdoctoral scholars.

Project Safe shares de-identified crime statistic information with the Title IX office, so that the Title IX coordinator is aware of what types of incidents are occurring on campus and can better identify patterns of behavior that need to be addressed. In rare situations posing a serious threat to the safety of the university community, Project Safe may share information with Title IX and VUPS as needed to minimize further harm. You may use Project Safe without identifying yourself or providing other information you may not feel ready to share.  

View the Resources webpage for a complete list of confidential and nonconfidential resources.  

More information about reporting options is on the Title IX website.  

Vanderbilt’s Commitment  

Vanderbilt takes seriously its responsibility to prevent and respond to sexual misconduct. Through university policies and the combined efforts of our Title IX Office, Project Safe Center for Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response, and Student Affairs, students have access to an array of prevention and support resources. 

Vanderbilt is committed to confronting and combating this societal problem, and to providing members of the Vanderbilt community with the resources and support they need and deserve. View the university’s sexual misconduct policy on the Title IX website.  

You at VU  

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