Stay Secure: Cybersecurity Awareness Month and you

Did you know that in 2004, the president of the United States and Congress declared that the month of October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month? For almost 20 years, October has been dedicated to educating people about the importance of staying secure in our increasingly digital world.

This month, let our tricks be your treat as we offer ways to help you stay proactive about digital privacy and security at Vanderbilt. Thanks for joining us for our upcoming series of activities, all culminating in a Town Hall on Oct. 24.

Phish alert exercise: Oct. 16

Participate in a phish reporting exercise and help prove that the VU community knows how to report. Emails will be sent from

Town Hall: Oct. 24
Save the date! The Office of Cybersecurity in VUIT is hosting a virtual town hall on Oct. 24. Chief Information Officer Jess Evans, along with Chief Information Security Officer Shane Callahan, will share the progress our university’s security program has made over the past year—and what’s coming next. Click here to register.

Happening all month long:

Phish or Treat activity

All month, you can test out of your spring Foundational Training requirement for cybersecurity. Emails will be sent to all eligible participants from

Student scam awareness

Help us spread the word and distribute awareness materials to help protect a target-rich population. Visit our webpage for resources:

Secure storage solutions
VUIT Cybersecurity is working on recommendations for secure data storage. Be on the lookout for these new recommendations at

Questions about Cybersecurity Awareness Month activities? Please email