Vanderbilt University empowers staff with generative AI

To inform and promote the use of AI in the workplace, Vanderbilt University is pleased to introduce new guidelines for staff. The guidelines aim to help staff understand the possibilities and be familiar with best practices when using AI tools.  

“AI presents exciting new opportunities that fuel our culture of growth and innovation here at Vanderbilt,” Chancellor Daniel Diermeier said. “Our goal is to empower our staff with the resources they need to accelerate innovation in ways that are consistent with our values.” 

Staff are encouraged to explore and embrace the capabilities of this emerging technology in their daily operations. Additionally, it is important to safeguard the security of confidential information. The guidelines advise how to handle sensitive data when using AI tools. 

To foster AI literacy, the university has launched several new training modules on generative AI, including the prompt engineering course taught by Vanderbilt University professor Jules White. Staff are encouraged to take advantage of these training modules for their personal and professional development. 

If you are considering potential uses for generative AI tools and would like further guidance, please consult the guidelines and discuss the topic with your supervisor. 

To report a security issue related to AI tools, please submit a report on the Office of Cybersecurity website: