New map app for all-electric VandyRide shuttles, other important updates to the service

Vanderbilt University announced earlier this summer that it will deploy the first all-electric multi-vehicle shuttle fleet at a university in Tennessee. The new fleet will provide eco-friendly vehicles for VandyRide, a nighttime shuttle service for Vanderbilt students, by the start of the fall 2023 semester. 

The transition to these EV shuttles will help Vanderbilt further reduce its direct emissions. In addition to being environmentally friendly, the new shuttles are quieter and smoother than traditional buses, providing a more comfortable ride for passengers. 

With this upgrade come additional changes. Please read this entire story for important information about the VandyRide service for the start of the new semester. 

Download new app to see shuttle schedule and locations in real time 

  • New this year, the software Passio GO will replace DoubleMap as a real-time guide to where the VandyRide shuttles are on campus and how soon they will arrive at a given stop. 
  • A map with real-time information about shuttles in operation is accessible on the VandySafe app. Once logged into the app, click on Maps & VandyRide, then VandyRide 
  • For additional tracking features and for full functionality, download the Passio GO App. This app will also alert users to route changes or unexpected delays 
  • The most up-to-date shuttle routes can be seen in real time on both apps. 

Updated routes, stops and wait times 

  • Due to construction on campus, VandyRide routes and stops have changed from last year. You can view the new map on the VandyRide website, on VandySafe or on Passio GO 
  • Wait times at stops may fluctuate day to day, but checking the app will let you know in real time when a shuttle will be arriving at your stop. 

Upgraded feedback form allows faster response time from university 

  • The university welcomes student comments on the effectiveness and level of service provided by VandyRide.  
  • The best way for the university to respond to comments is for students to immediately submit a response on the new VandyRide feedback form if an issue occurs.  

As these all-electric shuttles are unique, custom vehicles, unique challenges may arise as they are put into use. We appreciate your patience, understanding and collaboration as we work to provide the best possible VandyRide program for the university community.