HR Employee Learning and Engagement summer series: ‘Psychological Safety Beyond the Buzzword’

UPDATE 6/16/22: All summer 2022 session of “Psychological Safety Beyond the Buzzword” are now full.

HR Employee Learning and Engagement will offer a new learning series this summer: “Psychological Safety Beyond the Buzzword: A Practical 4-Part Series for Teams.”  

Based on the book The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety: Defining the Path to Inclusion and Innovation by Dr. Timothy Clark, this learning experience offers an inside look at how managers, leaders and their teams can enhance team culture. When your team experiences “an environment of rewarded vulnerability” it means each member feels included, safe to learn, safe to contribute and safe to challenge the status quo. The absence of these things can lead to losing talent, lack of innovation, poor customer service and an overall hostile work environment.

Put theory into practice and take your team to the next level with this four-part series designed as a virtual or in-person learning experience. 

Facilitator: TaShunda Franklin 

Date/Time/Location: To be determined 

Offering availability: June 20–Aug. 4, 2022 

Participation level: Level 3–Collaborate and Create 

*This experience requires a minimum of five participants, not to exceed 30. 

Please note: There is no set date for this series. Please reach out to the facilitator to establish a time, date and location that works best for your team. All requests should be made prior to July 29, 2022. Email for details.