ELE live learning experience: ‘Dealing with Change at Work’ Feb. 8

The HR Employee Learning and Engagement team invites you to engage in a live virtual learning experience designed exclusively for the Vanderbilt community and led by the ELE team. 

Feb. 8, 2:30–4 p.m., Dealing with Change at Work (2)

Description: “There is nothing permanent except change.” –Heraclitus

Working within a thriving and evolving workplace means that change is constant. We all handle change differently, and it’s important to continue developing strategies that allow us to deal with change effectively. This session will focus on the point of view of being on the receiving end of change and not being the formal leaders of change. How can you use personal leadership skills and influence as an informal leader to lead yourself and support others through change efforts?

Attend this session to fill your toolbox with practical go-to tips to help you navigate change.

Facilitator: Krystal Clark

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The ELE team also has selected self-paced resources on a variety of relevant topics, including career growth, communication, leadership, mentorship and teamwork.

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