ELE live learning experience: ‘Atomic Habits’ Jan. 31

The HR Employee Learning and Engagement team invites you to engage in a live virtual learning experience designed exclusively for the Vanderbilt community and led by the ELE team.

Jan. 31, 1–3 p.m., Atomic Habits (2)

Description: Vanderbilt head football coach Clark Lea frequently discusses the importance of “heartbeats and habits,” and there’s no time like the present to begin building new habits.

Atomic Habits has been called “the most comprehensive and practical guide on how to create good habits, break bad ones, and get 1 percent better every day.” This book, by James Clear, encourages people to think deeply about the systems that need to accompany new habits.

What new habits do you want to develop for the workplace? What old habits are you ready to be rid of? Learn about Atomic Habits and leave with an action plan to implement these practices into your work at Vanderbilt.

Facilitator: Krystal Clark

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