Vanderbilt Microbiome Innovation Center offers analytics workshop Feb. 22–23

The Vanderbilt Microbiome Innovation Center’s annual workshop series will introduce participants to a hands-on analytical and experimental workflow as well as web-based visual tools for investigating the microbiome. Each participant will receive a certificate of achievement upon completion.

The first of the 2022 workshops will be on Tuesday, Feb. 22, from noon to 3:30 p.m. and on Wednesday, Feb. 23, from noon to 3 p.m. CT.

This two-day Zoom workshop is open to all campus members—from students to faculty—to learn microbiome fundamentals and engage in hands-on introductory analyses using both simple command-line programming as well as easy-to-use web-based programs. The workshop is designed for students, trainees, researchers and clinicians who wish to incorporate microbiome sampling and analysis into their research, and it assumes little prior knowledge on microbiomes, computer coding or next-generation sequencing. (Command-line experience is advantageous but not required.) New and previous participants of the microbiome workshops are welcome to register and attend.

Upon completion, participants will understand the factors that go in to designing and analyzing a microbiome study. Hands-on tutorials will provide participants with the confidence to take raw sequencing data through command-line quality control and processing; to test fundamental biological or clinical hypotheses with easy-to-use web-based tools; and to critically interpret results. Further, participants may gain an appreciation of the sequencing technologies and applications behind microbiome research and have a better understanding of center-related microbiome resources available both within and outside of Vanderbilt.

All student, academic and professional ranks are welcome to register by sending your name, title, school and department to to receive a pre-course survey and confirmation.

For more information, visit the Vanderbilt Microbiome Innovation Center website, or email