Human Resources to launch new, comprehensive HR|Anchored newsletter

HR Anchored newsletter header

Human Resources announces HR|Anchored, a new monthly newsletter. The Human Resources team has thoughtfully designed the newsletter to keep faculty and staff informed about all things HR.

HR|Anchored will be a one-stop shop for all HR news, including updates from Total Rewards, HR Consulting, Talent, Employee Learning and Engagement and Payroll. The newsletter will be delivered electronically once per month to employee inboxes starting January 2022.

The newsletter will include the information from all current HR newsletters, including:

The mission of the HealthyU section is to foster the holistic well-being of Vanderbilt faculty and staff.  The content in this section will cover five pillars: emotional (mental), career, social, financial and physical. Some months this section may include monthly challenges, healthy recipes, podcasts, events and more.

Rooted in Learning
The Rooted in Learning section will provide relatable content for employees to build on their knowledge and enhance their experience in the workplace. From personalized articles to learning and professional development opportunities, readers can expect a condensed version of the same relevant resources. Shaping workplace culture and experiences will remain the focus.

HR Consulting Update
The HR Consulting section will be used to provide an overview of key human resources topics to help staff, faculty and students promote a respectful, diverse and high-performing work culture. In this section, employees can expect to learn more about university protocols, new and updated policy information, and important changes to laws and regulations that impact staff and leaders. You’ll be informed about organizational updates and will learn about the important work done on campus that impacts the Vanderbilt population.

If you’d like to subscribe to HR|Anchored and keep receiving this content, please sign up using this form.