Submit biweekly time cards, report holiday time in advance of Thanksgiving holiday

Biweekly employees and student workers are strongly encouraged to submit their time cards, and their managers are encouraged to approve those time cards, as soon as work is completed and prior to departure for the Thanksgiving holiday, unless the employee will be working during the holiday and/or weekend.

If you are eligible to be paid for the holidays on Nov. 25 and 26, you must record this time on your time card in order to receive pay. An article with instructions and examples of the updated process, titled “Reporting time for university official holidays,” is available in the Oracle Cloud My Knowledge app. (Note: Remember to sign in to Oracle via Company Single Sign-On).

If you will be working during the break, please ensure your time card is submitted as soon as you finish working and approved by your manager before noon on Monday, Nov. 29.


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