‘Digital Body Language: Is That What They Meant?!’ Nov. 16

Join Human Resources’ Employee Learning and Engagement team for “Digital Body Language: Is That What They Meant?!” on Tuesday, Nov. 16 from 10:30 a.m. to noon CT.

Every piece of digital communication is subjective. In the workplace, seemingly subtle choices can lead to miscommunication, inefficiencies and challenging interpersonal dynamics.

Have you ever experienced a supervisor sending a meeting invitation without a subject for a late afternoon start time, a colleague responding with one word when your email outlined multiple questions and priorities, or a message that the sender marked urgent that was not urgent at all? From emails, video calls and texts to emojis, punctuation, phrasing, tone and more, this workshop will explore how digital body language influences your relationships, effectiveness and understanding. We will discuss how brevity, response time and medium, seemingly meaningless word choices such as adding “very” or another adjective for emphasis, and other non-verbal virtual cues can impact our messages.

Together, we will explore strategies to enhance and clarify our digital communications so that our messages are fully received in the way they were intended, and so that we’re giving our colleagues the benefit of the doubt when we interpret their messages. This workshop draws from multiple resources, including Harvard Business Review , TEDx talks, Erica Dhawan’s Digital Body Language: How to Build Trust and Connection, No Matter the Distance and other articles.

Access the online workshop here. >>

Employee Learning and Engagement: Digital Body Language