Strengthening Cybersecurity Across VU: What is cybersecurity, and why does it matter?

Cybersecurity stock illustration

It seems that almost everything today relies on computers and the internet. We have become dependent on them for our communication, entertainment, transportation, shopping, medical care and much more.  

Have you thought about how much of your daily life relies on technology—how much of your personal information is stored in your computer, smartphone, tablet or even someone else’s devices? With an abundance of personal information available, cyber attackers are continuously looking for opportunities to exploit your data. According to recent reports, hackers attack a computer in the United States every 39 seconds.  

Cybersecurity—also referred to as information security—is the proactive measures taken to protect networks, devices and data from unauthorized access or criminal use. Successful cybersecurity means ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of personal and professional data.  

However, cybersecurity is challenging because it encompasses more than the technical. No amount of technical investment can overcome human mistakes or errors.   

In the coming weeks, this series will outline how individual members of our community can take effective cybersecurity actions to protect the institution, themselves and those they care about. 

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