Strengthening cybersecurity across our institution

Dear Vanderbilt community,

Our teaching, research and scholarly inquiry relies upon our ability to communicate and collaborate online. Cybersecurity is central to this equation, especially as vital digital assets and infrastructure at universities and institutions across the globe come under increasing attack.

This year, Vanderbilt is embarking on an effort to redouble our cybersecurity program to protect ourselves from this threat. Our plans are being developed and implemented based on guidance from field experts as well as from faculty and staff members from across our university. Most importantly, our success will require the active participation and commitment of every member of our One Vanderbilt community.

In the video below, we share more information about the mission of the project and the importance of protecting our information and research. The video also includes details about Vanderbilt’s six information security principles and some steps you can start taking today to protect yourself, your family, your colleagues and our university from the risk of cyber attack.

The process of protecting our collective digital presence will not happen overnight. We will share education and training materials with everyone in the coming months as the plans to address this important topic are fully implemented.

Thank you in advance for your attention, support and contributions to the success of this critical area.


C. Cybele Raver
Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Brett C. Sweet
Vice Chancellor for Finance, Information Technology
Chief Financial Officer