Study seeks African American adults for Alzheimer’s disease storytelling research

Vanderbilt University’s RASR Laboratory in the Department of Chemistry is collaborating with researchers at the University of Pittsburgh and Vanderbilt University Medical Center to understand how storytelling may be used to attract individuals from diverse backgrounds to participate in Alzheimer’s disease research.

We are seeking African American individuals, age 40 and older, who reside in the Nashville area to participate in a one-time, two-hour focus group in December 2021 to review short videos and materials and provide feedback.

Participants who complete the study will receive a $50 Amazon gift card.

Those interested in participating in this study must complete a brief survey to determine if they qualify. The survey can be accessed via the QR code on the study flyer below, or you may contact 615-343-6679 or email

RASR Lab RIDE Recruitment Innovations flyer