Vanderbilt increases travel per diem rate

Vanderbilt University currently offers two methods for submitting reimbursements for individual meals incurred while traveling. Faculty, staff and students can submit actual expense amounts with required documentation for any expense more than $75, or they can submit a daily per diem for each day of travel without the need to submit meal receipts.

The current per diem amount is $51; however, this rate will increase to $59 effective Sept. 1, 2021.

The $59 daily rate includes all meals, snacks, room service and tips for the entire day. To use the per diem rate, the trip must include at least one overnight stay, and the per diem rate needs to represent the whole trip, so no mix-and-match of methods can be submitted. Daily per diem is only for travel with university funding that is fully non-sponsored and unrestricted.

The Payment Card and Expense team is available to provide guidance or answer any expense-related questions. Please contact the team at