Faculty Affairs collaborates with university, community partners to offer faculty enrichment experiences

The Office of Faculty Affairs is collaborating with the Nashville Public Library and Vanderbilt University Facilities this summer to offer a series of in-person enrichment experiences for faculty. These experiences are designed to provide faculty the opportunity to engage with the Vanderbilt campus, learn more about Nashville history and interact with their colleagues.

All faculty are invited to participate in one or more of these sessions. Participation in any of the experiences is optional. Descriptions and registration links are below.

Civil Rights Room (Nashville Public Library)

The Civil Rights Room is a space for education and exploration of the Nashville Public Library’s Civil Rights Collection. The materials exhibited capture the drama of a time when thousands of African American citizens in Nashville sparked a nonviolent challenge to racial segregation in the city and across the South. (Sessions will take place at the Nashville Public Library, 615 Church St., Nashville, 37219.)

Votes for Women: Legacy of the 19th Amendment (Nashville Public Library)

The Votes for Women Room was created to mark the centennial anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. This permanent exhibit explores a range of topics surrounding democracy, political movements and women’s role in society through videos, interactive exhibits, a timeline and interpretative panels. (Sessions will take place at the Nashville Public Library, 615 Church St., Nashville, 37219.)

Vanderbilt University Arboretum Tour

Since its founding, Vanderbilt’s arboretum has been an important part of its campus identity. Join James Moore, university landscape architect, on a tour of the arboretum collection to learn more about Vanderbilt’s trees and their connection to the university’s past and future.