ELE workshop participation level guide helps employees find courses for preferred learning style

Employee Learning and Engagement has introduced participation levels for learning experiences. Participation levels can help guide employees in selecting learning opportunities that are a good fit for their schedules and level of attention.

Do you prefer learning experiences that include chats, polls and activities? Or do you silently exit Zoom calls when facilitators mention breakout rooms?

Some days you may be ready to fully participate in breakout-room discussions and activities with peers from across the university. On others, you may experience Zoom fatigue or feel stress from an upcoming deadline and want to participate more passively. Participation levels are designed to guide your participation in the way that is most meaningful, valuable and growth-focused, yet comfortable, for you.

Types of participation: What level of activity can you expect?

Level 1: Level 1 workshops involve opportunities to consume and consider new information, concepts and practices. Your primary method of interaction will be via active listening.

Level 2: Level 2 workshops involve opportunities to comment and connect, including via chats, polls and non-verbal Zoom reactions.

Level 3: The most interactive learning experiences, Level 3 workshops may involve a combination of breakout rooms, verbal discussions in the larger room, exercises and activities, as well as chats, polls, reactions and active listening. These workshops involve multiple opportunities to collaborate and create. Some workshops featuring breakout rooms will offer a silent/reflective breakout room for those who wish to participate in the activity on their own.

Look for the acorns in our workshop graphics to determine the type of participation involved in a workshop, or visit the ELE website to read the workshop descriptions.

Whether you hope to develop a new skill for your current role, advance your skills to progress in your career journey, or connect with fellow employees who are focused on professional growth, ELE is here to support you.

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