Name change for Grandfathered Sick Time

As the university continues to advance its diversity and inclusion efforts, Human Resources has committed to being thoughtful and intentional with the language it uses in all policies and procedures. As a result, Grandfathered Sick Time will be renamed Legacy Sick Time effective April 20.

The overall policy and any time accrued by employees will not be affected. Employees will see the name change in policy documents and in Oracle. Staff members who request Grandfathered Sick Time off will now see Legacy Sick Time. Again, any employee hired prior to July 1, 2014, who currently has unused Legacy Sick Time will not lose any time.

Example of how Legacy Sick Time appears in Oracle.

HR is committed to creating an inclusive work culture that enables all employees to feel included and appreciated through words, policies and relationships.

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Learn about the historical use of the term “grandfathered.”