Special live music returns to campus with COVID protocol-compliant performance

Students and faculty from Vanderbilt Blair School of Music and a Jewish studies class hosted a COVID protocol-compliant live music performance on April 8. 

Students participated in a socially distanced Klezmer concert at Ingram Hall on April 8.

The program began with an original piece composed by Michael Alec Rose, professor of composition at Blair, followed by a performance of George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue. The grand finale was a Klezmer jazz improvisation. 

“Klezmer is traditionally Eastern European Jewish music,” said Shaul Kelner, associate professor of sociology and Jewish studies, who helped organize the concert.Along with introducing a new type of music to some students, it was probably the first live performance of the year for many in the audience, which made it even more fun.” 

Blair students participated in a special Klezmer concert April 8. (Mike Todd)

April 7-8 were special days set aside to offer a change of pace within the semester and create an opportunity to reflect and care for one another.