FMLA and medical leave move to Origami Risk system April 5

Beginning April 5, Vanderbilt’s process for reporting FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) and other medical leave will move to the new Origami Risk system. Currently, if an employee is needing medical leave, they are required to complete the online medical leave request form. With the new system, employees will continue to follow the same process, but the look and feel will be slightly different. Some improvements include the following:

  • Reduced employee information – the new system will provide an employee search function that pulls the employee’s Oracle information (address, department, supervisor, etc.) so that this information is no longer required as part of the form.
  • Branching logic – only questions that are pertinent to the employee’s request will be shown, creating a shorter form to be completed.
  • Improved workflow – this will allow the FMLA team to process leave requests faster and more efficiently, allowing improved communication and options in the future.
  • Case management – using Origami Risk will allow the retention of all documents, emails and communications in one location for more efficient management of each leave case.
  • Improved reporting

All of the current links for the system will be updated on April 5. If you have the current medical leave request form bookmarked, please be sure to update your bookmark going forward.