Voyager missions discussion hosted by Vanderbilt Dyer Observatory on March 25

Billy Teets, director and resident astronomer for Vanderbilt Dyer Observatory, will lead a discussion of the history of the Voyager spacecraft—including their engineering, major discoveries and what they are up to today. The virtual event will be at 7 p.m. CT on Thursday, March 25.

The Voyager missions, launched more than four decades ago, are sending radio signals home to this day, informing us about the outer reaches of the solar system more than 10 billion miles from Earth.

The spacecraft claim the title of humanity’s farthest explorers. Embarking on a grand tour of the solar system in the late 1970s, the missions have made numerous discoveries about its gas and ice giants, and they have given us some of our first—and in some cases only—close-up views of our distant solar system neighbors.

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