2021 summer session details announced

Vanderbilt University has announced details about summer session, including information about online courses, experiential learning and in-person research, and residential housing.   

Summer session 

All summer sessions for undergraduate and graduate students, including Maymester courses, will be offered online only. This summer’s course schedule offers a robust selection of options providing students enhanced flexibility.

Professional students can expect information about summer sessions directly from your respective school leadership in the coming weeks 

Experiential learning and in-person research activities for undergraduates

The university will continue to support faculty-directed experiential learning and in-person research activities for undergraduates over the summer, including Immersion Vanderbilt. However, out of an abundance of caution, the university will not be offering Maymester courses that involve travel or GEO’s study abroad programs. As an alternative, remote global internships—and funding—for undergraduate students who want to engage internationally are available. 

Currently enrolled Vanderbilt students participating in Immersion Vanderbilt and Vanderbilt University Undergraduate Summer Research Programs (VUSRP) will have the opportunity to work and live on campus this summer. Students who are seeking to conduct in-person research activities on or off campus should discuss their ideas and plans with prospective faculty mentors, who will receive further details in the coming weeks about how to submit new or revise existing Phase II+ plans for in-person research activities in summer 2021 through the existing research ramp-up review and approval process. Further guidance on in-person research activities will also be posted on the Research at Vanderbilt website. 

After faculty mentors and their students have received approval for their summer in-person research activities through the research ramp-up review and approval process, students who choose to live on campus this summer may apply for housing through the Student Housing Portal beginning Thursday, April 1. These students will be required to submit a signed COVID-19 acknowledgment form in order to work and live on campus. 

As a reminder, any research activities involving in-person interaction, whether on campus or off campus (e.g., going out into the local community), require advance review and approval through the research ramp-up process. Advance approval is not required for research activities that are strictly remote and involve no in-person interaction. If faculty mentors and their students are not sure whether their planned research activities require advance approval though the research ramp-up review and approval process, please consult the FAQs for Phase II+ Ramp-up or contact for guidance. 

At this time, due to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations against travel, the university will not offer opportunities to conduct non-research experiential learning in locations other than on campus and in students home communities. 

Students who have applied for VUSRP awards can expect to receive further details in late March and early April. Students who receive other forms of university funding to support experiential learning and summer projects should contact the undergraduate associate dean’s office of their home school. 

Residential housing 

At conclusion of the spring 2021 semester, residence halls will close for the summer: 

  • May 12 at 9 a.m. for non-graduating students 
  • May 16 at 1 p.m. for graduating students 

In addition to undergraduate students participating in faculty-led experiential learning or in-person research, undergraduate students with verified special circumstances will be eligible to remain on campus during the summer. The summer housing application will be available in the Student Housing Portal Thursday, April 1, and additional information will be provided on the OHARE website prior to that time.  

Continued COVID-19 protocols 

Despite encouraging progress in addressing the pandemic, we must continue to take COVID-19 protocols seriously to help protect the health and safety of our campus and Nashville communities as much as possible.  

All Vanderbilt students and non-Vanderbilt students or volunteers participating in faculty-led experiential learning or research on campus this summer will be required to participate in the university’s mandatory asymptomatic COVID-19 testing and contact tracing programs and submit a signed acknowledgement form.  

Students will be expected to continue safety protocols, including wearing face coverings and maintaining physical distance. 

Regularly check the Return to Campus website  for ongoing updates about the university’s pandemic response and protocols. 

For questions, contact the dedicated helpline at 615-322-4357.