Improving the Wikipedia gender gap with Women of VISE begins Jan. 18

The Women of VISE are hosting a virtual Wikithon focused on women in science, technology, engineering and math the week of Jan. 18 to contribute to and improve the quality of Wikipedia pages on female scientists and researchers. The event is open to the public; it requires registration on Wikipedia. 

Women of VISE

There is a significant gender gap on Wikipedia—only 18.67% of biographies on the site are about women. During the week, WoV members and volunteers are encouraged to add biographical content, citations and links to related pages to the Wikipedia pages of women in STEM fields. On Jan. 18 and 19, the group will have virtual editing sessions on Zoom where participants can learn how to make effective and accurate edits to Wikipedia.  

This event is the third annual Women of VISE Wikithon to address the Wikipedia gender gap. Since the first WikithonWoV contributions to the site have received more than 307,000 views. Participants can track their contributions to a dashboard, which will report net contributions throughout the event.  

The WoV is a group of women within the Vanderbilt Institute for Surgery and Engineering who meet monthly to discuss translational research, foster community and promote the success of women in the STEM fields. The group prioritizes professional collaborations and mentorship with regular events and workshops. In fall 2020, WoV established peer-to-peer groups to share advice and gain perspective on their research careers.  

For more information about the Wikithon and Women of VISE, email or