Oracle Cloud: Plan ahead for updates

Quarterly upgrade

Vanderbilt’s Oracle Cloud environment will undergo its next quarterly upgrade the weekend of Nov. 20–21.

The quarterly update is scheduled to begin on Friday, Nov. 20, at 9 p.m. and end on Saturday, Nov. 21. Please plan ahead for this period when the system will be unavailable.

A downtime notice will be displayed on the SkyVU website while the update is underway and will be removed when the update is complete and the system is available to all users.

Biweekly time reporting over the upcoming holidays

Biweekly employees and student workers should submit their time cards, and their managers should approve those time cards, as soon as work is completed for the biweekly period unless they will be working over a weekend or holiday. This is particularly important as we approach the upcoming holiday season, when many employees and student workers will be away and/or taking time off.

If you will be working during the upcoming holidays, please ensure your time card is submitted as soon as possible after you finish working and approved by your manager before noon on Monday, Nov. 30.

As a reminder, the process for recording second shift, third shift and holiday premiums and for reporting worked holidays was recently simplified, and eligible employees will now only need to create one time entry when working a second shift, third shift and/or holiday in order to receive both their regular pay and any applicable premium.

An article with instructions and examples of the updated process, titled “Reporting time for University Official Holidays,” is available in the Oracle Cloud My Knowledge app. (Note: Remember to sign in to Oracle via Company Single Sign-On).

Prepare for the transition to Oracle Recruiting and Onboarding

Vanderbilt will be migrating its staff recruiting and onboarding activities from Taleo into Oracle Cloud as the 2021 calendar year begins.

Hiring managers and HCM specialists are encouraged to begin preparing for the transition by reviewing any hiring needs for the remainder of 2021 and working with their HR talent consultants to post any remaining requisitions before the end of November.

Beginning Tuesday, Dec. 1, there will be a freeze on creating new requisitions in Taleo to allow for the transition to the new system. However, other recruiting activities for existing requisitions can continue in Taleo through the month of January 2021, and then any requisitions remaining open in Taleo after that date will be migrated into Oracle Recruiting.

Please stay tuned for more information regarding training and resources for using Oracle Recruiting and Onboarding that will be available beginning in December.

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