Employees requested to update demographic information, veteran status in Oracle

Vanderbilt University is committed to cultivating a diverse and inclusive campus community. In order to measure the university’s progress on diversity and inclusion goals, all employees are encouraged to ensure their demographic information in Oracle accurately reflects their race/ethnicity and veteran status.

While these updates are encouraged to assist Vanderbilt University in better understanding and reporting the makeup of its workforce, status updates are completely voluntary.

How to update your status

  • Go to “Personal Details” in Oracle to review and, if needed, complete or update your race/ethnicity and other personal information. Use this link, or copy and paste the below URL into a browser, and be sure to sign into Oracle using single sign-on:

  • Select the edit (pencil) icon in the “Demographic info” field.
  • Please review your elections. Once you have updated your race/ethnicity and veteran’s status, make sure to hit the submit button located at the top of the section.