Plan ahead for Oracle Cloud updates Feb. 21-22

Vanderbilt’s Oracle Cloud environment will undergo its next quarterly upgrade the weekend of Feb. 21-22.

This quarterly update is scheduled to begin on Friday, Feb. 21, at 9 p.m. and end on Saturday, Feb 22. Please plan ahead for this period when the system will be unavailable.

A downtime notice will be displayed on the SkyVU website while the update is underway and will be removed when the update is complete and the system is available to all users.

In this update: Enhancements to in-system resources and the Expenses module

In-system guidance updates

Following this update, users will see a new “Help Center” widget that replaces the current “Guide Me” tab. Clicking this tab will open a panel displaying available resources, including step-by-step guidance, quick reference guides and links to applicable Vanderbilt policies.

Expense entry updates

Following this update, the Expense Entry screen will combine all details of an expense into a single page, including itemizations (if required). In addition, users can drag and drop receipts directly into an expense item.

Submit and approve biweekly time cards before 9 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 21

Biweekly employees and student workers should submit their time cards, and their managers approve those time cards, as soon as work is completed on the second Friday of the biweekly period, unless the employee will be working over the weekend. This is particularly important on Friday, Feb. 21, as the system will not be available during the maintenance period.

If you will be working over the weekend, please ensure your time card is submitted as soon as possible after you finish working and approved by your manager before noon on Monday, Feb. 24.

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