Facilities launches new tool to streamline campus construction and renovation process

e-Builder logoby Shelby Pendowski

Vanderbilt Facilities has launched e-Builder, a third-party cloud-based construction and renovation project management information system. The software will streamline and manage a project from initial request through closeout for all projects managed by Campus Planning and Construction (CPC) and Renovation and Small Construction (RSC).

Effective July 29, all project requests will be submitted through the new e-Builder link located on the Campus Planning and Construction website. All maintenance (work order) requests will continue to be submitted through the AiM work order system.

With the launch of e-Builder, Facilities will provide:

  • A Project Request Form, where all new construction, renovation and facility renewal project requests can be initiated.
  • A higher level of collaboration between project managers, campus partners and third-party vendors by allowing input from designers, contractors and stakeholders.
  • Real-time reporting on project details, including budgets and cost information.

Integrated with Vanderbilt’s Oracle Cloud and single sign-on services, e-Builder provides users with seamless access to relevant facilities’ project information.

To learn more about how to submit project requests using e-Builder, visit the Campus Planning and Construction website.

To submit a maintenance (work order) request, please visit the Plant Operations website.