EdAssist is now live

The EdAssist portal is now available for submitting your spring 2019 tuition benefit applications (including dependent tuition applications). You can find the EdAssist log-in, tutorials and other resources available on the tuition pages of the HR website.

Vanderbilt University has partnered with EdAssist to administer the university’s tuition benefit programs. EdAssist is a leading provider of education solutions, offering an online self-service portal that provides a comprehensive, streamlined and efficient way to coordinate tuition benefits. While processes will change, the plan design rules (eligibility, coverage percentages, etc.) are not changing.

Please note:

  1. You will only be able to submit an application 60 days or less prior to the semester start date. For example, if your (or your child’s) semester starts on Jan. 15, you will be able to submit an application beginning Nov. 16.
  2. When entering the tuition amount for the semester, the maximum amount that can be entered is capped at Vanderbilt’s current tuition amount. For the 2018-19 academic year, Vanderbilt’s tuition cost is $24,300 per semester (or $16,200 for a quarter).
  3. Some VUMC-affiliated faculty members have reported issues when attempting to access the EdAssist system using the VU single sign-on (SSO). HR, VUIT and EdAssist are working diligently to diagnose and resolve the issue. A direct communication is being sent to those affected.

If you need help completing the application or have questions about the process, please reach out to EdAssist:

  • Reach a live operator Monday through Friday, 7 a.m.–7 p.m. CT at 844-266-1532.
  • Submit a help ticket by clicking Contact Us from the left-hand menu on the EdAssist Portal.