Bike Too VU initiative sets Bike to Vanderbilt Day for May 2

Bike Too VU is a Vanderbilt group working to establish a bike commuting mentoring program among faculty, staff, employees and students on campus, including Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

The long-term goals of the Bike Too VU program are to provide community and resources for people interested in or already commuting to Vanderbilt University’s campus and to Vanderbilt Medical Center. The program would involve meet-and-ride groups from various neighborhoods in the city, bicycle education classes to increase comfort while riding on the road, and networking with a community of people who are also interested in bicycling as a form of transportation to campus.

In preparation for the larger initiative next year, the Bike Too VU group is piloting a small program this spring, which would involve a Bike to Vanderbilt Day on May 2, 2018. Please link to the web page below and complete your contact information in order to receive details about the Bike to Vanderbilt Day on May 2 and updates on the Bike Too VU initiative:

We hope you can join us!


Thank you,

Dr. Edwin Williamson, assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral disorders; faculty head, Hank Ingram House

Dr. Katherine McDonell, assistant professor of neurocognitive disorders

David Dickinson, Margaret Cowan Professor of Education and associate dean for research, Peabody College

Vanderbilt Students Promoting Environmental Awareness and Responsibility (SPEAR)

Vanderbilt Walk Bike Coalition

John Harkey, MA’74, PhD’79

Active Transportation Working Group chair (Metro Public Health)

Walk–Bike Nashville

Nashville Complete Trips (Metro Planning)