Comprehensive campus accessibility project underway


Vanderbilt Facilities is in the process of examining accessibility features on campus, with the long-term goal of making indoor and outdoor areas accessible and inclusive for all members of the Vanderbilt community. The first step in this process is to critically assess and document the different accessibility features on campus.

Mike Perez, associate vice chancellor and chief facilities officer, and Mark Petty, assistant vice chancellor of plant operations, are spearheading the project. The data collected will be represented with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) once all features have been assessed and recorded. With GIS, users will be able to view the locations and details of identified accessibility features, which will improve awareness of accessibility issues and assist individuals in navigating the campus more efficiently.

As part of the project, small teams will travel to buildings across campus to inspect different areas for existing accessibility features, such as automatic doors, accessible restrooms and ramps. The teams will document these features with notes and photographs to determine where improvements are needed. Vanderbilt Facilities will then develop short- and long-range plans to resolve issues in those areas needing improvements. The teams also will document spaces that promote inclusivity, such as lactation spaces and gender-neutral bathrooms.

Teams will begin the documentation process this week and will not impact or inconvenience building occupants. The project will begin by focusing on Wilson Hall and the surrounding area, with plans to cover the entire campus over the course of the summer.

Contact: Mark Petty, (615) 322-2622