Did you take the bus Friday?

Volunteers from Vanderbilt Human Resources distributed buttons Friday to participants of Take the Bus to Work Day.

Take the Bus to Work Day was kicked off by a chilly but beautiful morning Friday, April 7.

The Vanderbilt University Human Resources volunteer team helped hand out “I took the bus today!” buttons at the MTA bus stops along West End Avenue and 21st Avenue South. Vanderbilt employee and student bus riders enjoyed receiving the buttons and learning about Transit Month. One bus rider stated, “I ride the bus every day and encourage anyone who hasn’t taken the bus before to give it a try.”

Transit Now will offer other events throughout the month, so if you happened to miss participating in the Take the Bus to Work Day event, check out other upcoming events planned for April:

  • 4/10 – Multimodal Monday
  • 4/11 – Sounds Opener: Take the Bus!
  • 4/14 – Bunny on the Bus
  • 4/17 – Multimodal Monday
  • 4/24 – Multimodal Monday
  • 4/26 – Music City Star “Ticket to Ride”
  • 4/29 – Train Ride to the Tennessee Wine Festival