Let NetBenefits help you get on track for retirement

Are you on track for retirement? Do you need assistance planning for the future? Fidelity NetBenefits can help. Log on to your account at NetBenefits to take advantage of all the tools Fidelity has to offer. If you haven’t set up your account yet, you can register at any time.

New Planning and Guidance Center offers customized retirement planning

Fidelity’s new Planning and Guidance Center is a great place to start. Begin by reviewing your retirement analysis, which includes your Retirement Preparedness Measure (RPM) calculated by Fidelity. Your RPM is the percentage of estimated retirement expenses your plan could cover, assuming an underperforming market.

The RPM is calculated based on the most current information in your NetBenefits account, which you can update at any time. You also can adjust your RPM so it’s calculated based on an average performing market.

Unless you link or add additional accounts, your plan reflects only information currently on file with Fidelity. To learn about linking and manually adding accounts, visit NetBenefits. For more about navigating the Planning and Guidance Center, watch these videos.

Take advantage of Contribution Calculator, Take Home Pay Calculator

From the NetBenefits main menu, you can access more of Fidelity’s tools to help you get and stay on track for retirement. Use the Contribution Calculator to see how much more you will save over time by increasing your contributions and the Take Home Pay Calculator to find out how that amount affects your take home pay. To find both of these calculators, click on “Menu” then “Tools” and scroll down to the section called “Saving for Retirement.”

Annual Increase Program shows how small changes have a big impact

Fidelity also offers an optional Annual Increase Program to help you meet your long-term financial goals. Once you enroll in the Annual Increase Program, your contribution elections will be automatically increased each year. You can schedule increases between 1 and 10 percent.

Visit the Library for additional resources

If you’ve explored NetBenefits but would like to learn more, visit the Library. You can find articles, videos, infographics and workshops covering a variety of topics, including how much house you can afford, how to save for college, how to manage the cost of long-term care, how Social Security and Medicare work, and much more.

For more information, visit Fidelity NetBenefits.