Vanderbilt Special Education researchers to speak on behavior disorders

by Jane Sevier

Researchers from Vanderbilt’s Peabody College of education and human development will present the latest research on addressing students’ behavioral issues at the Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders International Conference (CCBD) in Atlanta, Sept. 24–25.

This year’s conference theme is “Supporting the Behavior of All Students.” Peabody faculty and doctoral students presenters and topics are:

Improving functional behavior assessments for students with EBD: Strategies to incorporate hypothesis testing in classrooms
Blair Lloyd and Johanna Staubitz*

Going Beyond ABC Data: Measuring Contingencies in the Classroom.
Johanna Staubitz and Blair Lloyd

Academic Achievement and Language Ability of Students with or at-risk for Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
Jason Chow and Joseph Wehby

Teacher Coaching and the Implementation of a Class-Wide Behavior Management Intervention
Allison F. Gilmour, Joseph H. Wehby and Terrell McGuire

Class-wide Function-based Intervention Team Program: The Influence of Instructional Context on Efficacy
Casey Bateman, Jason Chow and Terrell McGuire

*Names in bold italics are doctoral students.