Learn how to manage hypertension

Health Plus will host two sessions in March on managing hypertension as part of the Pressure Relief Network series. The classes are free.

They are:

Physical Activity & Hypertension
Health Plus Manager Brad Awalt will talk about the relationship between physical activity and blood pressure control. Blood pressure checks are available at this session.

Wednesday, March 12
Noon-12:55 p.m.
Light Hall, 415
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Weight Management & Hypertension
Registered Nurse Lisa Connor will detail proven ways to manage weight and how losing 5-10 percent can improve blood pressure control.

Wednesday, March 5
Noon-12:55 pm
Light Hall, 415
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View the complete six-week Pressure Relief Network schedule on the Health Plus website.  Health Plus is part of Faculty/Staff Health & Wellness.

Contact: Nic Gonzales,