Beware of malware/ransomware CryptoLocker


What is CryptoLocker, and what does it do?

CryptoLocker is a Trojan, often disguised as a PDF file, and is typically propagated via email attachment. CryptoLocker encrypts the user’s data on the system and network shares to which the user has access.

Do antivirus programs offer protection against CryptoLocker?

Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection AntiVirus with the signature of 1.161.1146.0 or later offers protection against this Trojan.

What is VUIT doing to protect Vanderbilt?

VUIT Information Security Operations is blocking known infection channels and enhancing detection capabilities.

What can I do to protect my computer and data?

  • Ensure your AntiVirus is up to date.
  • Exercise extreme caution when opening email attachments. Do not open attachments you did not expect to receive.
  • Make regular backups of all your critical data and store them offline. If you are backing up data to an external hard drive, do not leave it connected after backup has completed.

What should I do if I’m infected?

  • Immediately power down your computer.
  • Do not attempt to remove the infection.
  • Contact your local support provider or Help Desk.

Contact: IT Help Desk, (615) 343-9999