Vanderbilt researchers featured on NPT series tonight

Nashville Public Television will debut the second program in its Tennessee Explorers series Tuesday evening, July 30. The series, funded by the National Science Foundation and produced in collaboration with Vanderbilt, profiles world-class explorers who are doing a variety of current research projects in Tennessee.

The new program, airing at 8 p.m. tonight on NPT, features three Vanderbilt faculty members: Michael Goldfarb, who is using the latest technologies and materials to design the next generation of prosthetics; William Robinson, who heads a research group that is developing novel strategies for increasing the reliability and security of computer systems, particularly those used in aerospace applications; and Vicki Greene, one of the leaders of an international scientific team that discovered the quark-gluon plasma, a new state of matter that last existed microseconds after the formation of the universe in the Big Bang.

The pilot program in the series aired last July and will be rerun immediately following the new program.

For additional information, including a link to the pilot, visit the NPT website.