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Healthy Bites initiative offers healthy eating options

Mar. 27, 2013, 4:49 PM

(image courtesy of Health Plus)

Vanderbilt has launched Healthy Bites, a new initiative to meet demand for healthy foods on campus.

Healthy Bites, conceived by the Vanderbilt Food Advisory Committee, focuses on three primary areas for offering healthy food options: healthy eating, healthy catering and healthy vending options.

Health Plus has a new resource page to support both personal and departmental goals for healthy eating.  Learn more here.

  • Lee Martin

    Also, a gluten-free diet is well worth considering. Apparently, today’s genetically-modified (GM) wheat bears little resemblance to our grandparents’ and earlier wheat — it’s actually toxic to the human digestive system. Check out Dr. Davis’ book “Wheat Belly” for the details…