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Daily Mail (United Kingdom): One fingered typists aren’t slower, researchers find (as long as they can see the keyboard) 
Most people know how to type, but a majority of today’s typists are self-taught and use nonstandard styles that go against ‘touch typing’ that is taught in classes. But, a Vanderbilt University study reveals these modern typists are comparably fast to trained typists in practical typing tasks. Lead author Gordon Logan, Centennial Professor of Psychology, is quoted. Related stories were published by Science Blog and Tech Xplore.

CBS News: CDC: Preteens only need 2 doses of HPV vaccine, not 3
Health officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have recently adopted a recommendation that preteens get two shots instead of three of the vaccine that protects against human papillomavirus – or HPV – which can cause cervical cancer, certain other cancers and genital warts. William Schaffner, professor of preventive medicine and health policy, is quoted.

Huffington Post: Opinion: Divine power, Donald Trump, and how the 2016 presidential elections challenge common religious assumptions
Why would people of faith still consider supporting Trump? Underneath the more obvious political and cultural considerations are deeper issues that appear to be at work in this election. One of them has to do with how people conceive of the power of God, writes Joerg Rieger, Distinguished Professor of Theology and holder of the Cal Turner Chancellor’s Chair in Wesleyan Studies.

Yahoo! News:
North Carolina could be the most interesting state this election
North Carolina has become more than a must-win for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. It has emerged as a unique looking-glass into the partisan divides that have fueled this election. The mix of traditional Southern-style conservatism alongside thriving Millennial-led multicultural progressivism has put the state in the spotlight during this election cycle. Marc Hetherington, professor of political science, is quoted.

Nashville Public Radio: No Snapchat in the bedroom? An online tool to manage kids’ media use
When the American Academy of Pediatrics released its latest recommendations on the questions parent have about age-appropriate media habits, it also did something pretty cool: it launched an online tool that parents can use to create their own family media plan. Georgene Troseth, associate professor of psychology, is quoted.

The Tennessean: Vanderbilt researchers to put mark on state education department policies
If successful, a newly formed research alliance by the state education department will allow Vanderbilt University and national researchers a chance to put an unprecedented stamp on education policy and practices statewide.
This new partnership between Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College and the Tennessee Department of Education offers a promising model to monitor how best to improve education and ensure the decisions that are made. The story also appeared in Chalkbeat Tennessee.

The Tennessean: Vanderbilt rape case: What will be key in Cory Batey’s appeal?
A routine filing requesting a new trial in the case against former Vanderbilt football player Cory Batey, who currently is serving a 15-year prison term for the rape of an unconscious female student on campus in 2013, may shed light on issues in the pending appeal. A court hearing set for December 2 will set the legal groundwork for further appeals when the case goes to the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals.




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