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American School & University: Vanderbilt University begins work on nursing school expansion
Vanderbilt University
has broken ground on a $26.3 million expansion of its School of Nursing facility. The five-floor structure will house technologically advanced classrooms, conference and seminar rooms, student services offices, faculty offices and a state-of-the-art simulation teaching lab that will allow complex skills development and real-time feedback on students’ clinical nursing skills. Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos and Linda Norman, dean of the school of nursing, are quoted. Susan Wente, university provost, is mentioned.

EWA: Principals expand role beyond buses and bells
The school improvement spotlight has, in recent years, shone brightly on teachers. Just outside of the spotlight, yet wielding significant influence in schools, are principals. Jason Grissom, associate professor of public policy and education, is quoted.

Bustle: Getting a bite from this tick can make you allergic to red meat (RIP, hamburger life)
According to science, getting bitten by a lone star tick might cause you to become allergic to red meat. Cosby Stone, clinical fellow in allergy, pulmonary and critical care, is quoted. A related article appeared on Health.

The Commercial Appeal: Tennessee kids deserve quality in early education
In 2015, Vanderbilt University released the results of a study of Tennessee’s pre-kindergarten programs. The study received national recognition for its specificity, longevity and findings. In hopes of addressing some of the issues exposed in this study, the Tennessee Department of Education, this past month, awarded grants to 917 pre-k programs benefiting more than 18,000 children, based largely on the quality of those programs.

The Commercial Appeal: Senate health care bill: What we know so far
Senate Republicans on Thursday unveiled their closely-guarded bill to overhaul American health care policy. Weighing in at 142 pages, the proposed legislation would make cuts to Medicaid, end the individual insurance mandate, and cut funding for Planned Parenthood. Andrew Goodman-Bacon, assistant professor of economics, is quoted.

Ed Source: State officials cool to school districts’ request to become ‘Innovation Zone’
The new Every Student Succeeds Act allows states to grant waivers from their school accountability systems for schools and districts to try innovative ways to improve student achievement. Tennessee is proposing a research partnership with Vanderbilt University on implementation issues.

Body and Soul (Australia): This is your perfect healthy day by the hour
Daily habits and schedules, for example when we eat lunch, have a significant impact on our health. In laying out an ideal daily schedule, research from Vanderbilt University is mentioned.

Entertainment Central Pittsburgh: Dierks Bentley plays KeyBank; WYEP Music Fest; Ladyfest
Vanderbilt University
is one of the nation’s finest, and while many college-bound youths enroll there to become scientists or scholars, young Dierks Bentley chose Vanderbilt for a different reason: it’s in Nashville.



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