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A cartoon from “The Story of a Boy,” created by the Rockefeller Sanitary 
Commission in the early 1900s to help educate poor residents of the South about hookworm disease. (B. STEPHANY/ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION)

Lessons Learned

In the fall of 1902, Dr. Charles Wardell Stiles, a zoologist with the U.S. Public Health Service, got a hunch that parasites were causing large swaths of the South’s rural poor to suffer an array of debilitating symptoms.

“The memories and experiences I’ve had with Vanderbilt are so positive and such a big part of my life,” says university trustee and Cincinnati pediatrician 
Dr. Robert Schiff Jr. Through his family’s charitable foundation, he is supporting Opportunity Vanderbilt and ensuring future generations of students can 
afford a Vanderbilt education. (JOHN RUSSELL)

’Dore of Opportunity: Parents’ Example Sparks a Major Commitment to Students’ Financial Needs

Hoping to ensure that the door to a Vanderbilt education is open to every talented student inspired Board of Trust member Dr. Robert Schiff Jr., BS’77, a Cincinnati pediatrician, to make a transformative $10,000,000 commitment to Opportunity Vanderbilt.