There’s Plenty You Can Do to Stay Connected

Looking for ways to stay engaged with Vanderbilt? We’ve got ’em!

You’ve heard it before, but it bears repeating. There are many ways to get involved, including volunteering with Vanderbilt’s admissions interviewing process or summer send-off programs, serving as an online career adviser, becoming involved in the activities of your local alumni chapter, or supporting Vanderbilt’s athletic teams. By simply reading this magazine, in fact, you are staying connected.

But there are other ways, too. Participate in your Reunion. If you have opportunities to hire Vanderbilt alumni, please do so. Join fellow alumni and a knowledgeable Vanderbilt professor on an exotic trip with the Vanderbilt Travel Program. Join VUconnect, our exclusive online community, and share news with your classmates about your life.

Local alumni chapters will continue to provide popular educational programs brought to you by the Office of Alumni Relations, in conjunction with the Vanderbilt faculty. And soon the Vanderbilt Alumni Association will have on its Web site a place for you to post available jobs for other Vanderbilt alumni to view.

Finally, a very important way to stay engaged is by giving back to Vanderbilt. A recent survey, which you can read about in this section, showed that alumni believe Vanderbilt was and is a special place. One of the reasons it’s a special place is because alumni have supported it through their own engagement and with their gifts. Remember, your participation is important—even more important than the amount of your gift. It’s one factor that helps Vanderbilt rise in the rankings, which adds even more value to your degree.

Plenty of opportunities are available for you to stay engaged with Vanderbilt, and we’re here to help you find your niche. Look for more information at


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