Reunion on Wheels

wheelsThirty Vanderbilt alumnae from 13 states—and nearly all from the Class of 1982—gathered in May to celebrate their collective 50th birthdays with a “Women on Wheels” reunion and bicycle trip through California’s wine country. During the trip, which was organized by Liz Schwartz Hale, BSN’83, and her family’s Berkeley, Calif., active-travel company, Backroads, participants explored the vineyards, redwoods and coastlines of Napa and Sonoma counties.

“We enjoyed five days of biking, eating, laughing and reminiscing about our days together at Vanderbilt,” says Hale. “Having this time together was priceless.”

Front row (left to right): Liz Schwartz Hale, BSN’83; Terry Abide Stark, BS’82; Lynn Stichter Pearce, BS’82; Nancy Richards Farese, BA’83; Sarah Hunter Morgan, BS’82; Kathryn Burr McGehee, BA’82; Marjorie Tillman Sennett, BA’82; Nancy Perot Mulford, BA’82; and Miriam Atkinson Smith, BA’82. Middle row (left to right): Janette Shelby Smith, BS’82; Gretchen Wilson Brevnov, BA’82; Heddy Murphey Brown, BA’82; Leslie Collins Barron, BS’82; Margot Bell Roberts, BA’82; Lisa Gruy Brandt, BA’82; Alma Hale Paty, BS’82; Tina Benyunes Whitman, BS’82; Martha Pierce Armstrong, ’82; Julie Tucker Trice, ’82; Kimberly Bernstrom Stigers, BSN’82; and Lisa Francis Turner, BS’82. Back row (left to right): Laney Schwartz Price, BS’83; Caroline Sinclair, BA’82; Anne Coith French, BS’82; Mary Toms Fauth, BS’82; Sloan Towner Germann, BS’82; Kay Templeton Lang, BA’82, JD’90; Lyn Dunn Cameron, BS’82; Mimi Cosgrove Olson, BA’82; and Marion “Missy” Wall Hall, BA’82.


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