Reader Photo: Bubble

photo of man looking at giant soap bubble

PARIS | NOV. 27, 2011

By Kate Leisy

It was like any other day in Paris: overcast, slightly chilly, plenty of pain au chocolat. I had been visiting for a few days, traveling while studying abroad in Aix-en-Provence. As Paris felt like my home away from home, I figured what better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than by exploring the city of love? As my friend and I walked back from an open-air market in the St. Germain district, we stumbled upon a professional bubble-blower. (Who knew they existed?) Mesmerized by the sheer size and magical quality of his work, I tried to capture the moment before it burst into the Parisian air. Throughout my attempts I noticed this man, quietly pondering the existence of these bubbles—or perhaps much more.

Kate Leisy is a senior from Marietta, Ga., majoring in human and organizational development at Peabody College.

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