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Commodore Classrooms  Celebrate Lifelong Learning

Commodore Classrooms Celebrate Lifelong Learning

Last year Tennessee became only the second state to be recognized on the periodic table of chemical elements, and Vanderbilt faculty played a key role. Joseph Hamilton, the Landon C. Garland Distinguished Professor of Physics, captivated alumni with the story of the discovery of superheavy element 117, tennessine (Ts), duringRead More

Emily Manchester Townes, BA’50, has preserved her brother’s war letters by compiling them into a family history. A portrait of John Manchester hangs behind her. (DANIEL DUBOIS)

Readers’ Letters, Fall 2017

SUPPORT FOR VULNERABILITY With curiosity and gratitude I read about Vanderbilt’s initiatives to offer outreach, dialogue and support for students’ mental health [“Going There,” Campus News, Spring 2017]. In the summer issue, I also read Dr. Paul Berner’s response to this initiative, where he expressed his concerns about this program’sRead More



More than 5,000 alumni returned for Reunion in October, including notables like former Golden State Warriors player Festus Ezeli, BA’12 (top right), and NBC Today host Willie Geist, BA’97 (bottom center). Be sure to save the date for next year’s Reunion, planned for Oct. 11–13.

Vanderbilt’s new facility 
includes office and operations spaces and expansive player practice and workout areas. (JOE HOWELL)

Batter Up: Vanderbilt unveils $12 million baseball facility

The Commodores unveiled a new $12 million, 30,000-square-foot baseball facility—fully funded by donors—in October, ahead of the team’s annual Black and Gold Series, a best-of-three intersquad matchup that showcases the team’s talent and gives them some on-field experience.

Foul Play: Matthew Fisher-Davis draws on NCAA tournament mistake for motivation

Foul Play: Matthew Fisher-Davis draws on NCAA tournament mistake for motivation

After an onslaught of scathing remarks about busted brackets and a bad attitude, Fisher-Davis has been using the criticism as motivation to train even harder for the upcoming season.