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May 9, 2014, Memorial Gym, by John Russell

Vanderbilt’s Commencement ceremony, which moved indoors this year because of rain, capped two days of activities for graduates and their guests.

Milestones of the Vanderbilt Transplant Center’s First 25 Years

Milestones of the Vanderbilt Transplant Center’s First 25 Years

In 1988, Dr. William Frist and Dr. Harold Helderman are named surgical and medical directors of the newly developed Vanderbilt Transplant Center, centralizing transplant programs within a single entity.


Rites of Spring Retrospective

The Rites of Spring festival has been held on Vanderbilt’s campus since 1971. See some of the photos that capture its history, from the early days of political protest to the music acts of 2014.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found

When Sidney DeLair, BA’75, arrived home for his father’s funeral, his mother pulled out a worn silver pocket watch and handed it to him. He already had been told the story behind the watch many times, and he loved what it represented.

James Dickey, left, and Burt Reynolds chat during the filming of Deliverance in 1971. Dickey appeared in the film as the sheriff of the fictitious town of Aintry, while Reynolds played Lewis, the hard-edged Atlanta suburbanite whose canoe trip with his friends ends in tragedy. (Everett Collection)

Readers’ Letters

It was a special treat to find in your latest issue the article by Bronwen Dickey about her father, James Dickey, BA’49, MA’50. She nailed him and that entire era of Deliverance.

At the 2012 Necker Cup, Trista Fredell was paired with former pro Mark Philippoussis, who won 11 titles during his career. (Amy Trahant/TakeAimPhotography.com

Memory Serves

Paired with former Australian pro Mark Philippoussis at the Necker Cup, Trista Fredell played against some of tennis’ biggest stars, including John McEnroe.

Know Your Vanderbilts

Know Your Vanderbilts

With this handy cheat sheet, get ready to dazzle your friends the next time somebody asks which Vanderbilt family members had ties to your alma mater.

Lasting Impact

Lasting Impact

The theme for this year’s Impact Symposium, set for March 17–19, is “Exploring Our Contemporary Civil Rights and Responsibilities.” Speakers include Gen. Colin Powell, former U.S. Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), and former U.S. Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine).

Aaron Clamage

Through a Glass, Darkly

The earthquake that rocked the Washington, D.C., area Aug. 23, 2011, left the National Cathedral with $26 million worth of damage, which will take years to fix.

Sophomore researcher Eunice Jun is collaborating with Professor Ted Fischer, one of Vanderbilt’s first five Littlejohn faculty fellows.

Donor-Funded Program Boosts Undergraduate Research

The Littlejohn Undergraduate Research Program expands opportunities for students from summer-only experiences to full academic-year endeavors.