Common Connections: What’s Your Interest?

common-connections-vert2Let’s face it. We feel most connected to Vanderbilt when we associate with alumni who share our interests—whether it’s a former student activity, current career or professional interest, religious or lifestyle affiliation, or cultural passion.

Common Connections, a new Vanderbilt Alumni Association program, celebrates this collective spirit. From established groups like the Association of Vanderbilt Black Alumni, Naval ROTC and Original Cast to recent groups like Vanderbilt Catholics, men’s lacrosse and former cheerleaders, these groups represent a growing trend. Once a group forms, members plan events, pursue professional networking and other continuing education opportunities, or simply stay in touch through informal gatherings, newsletters or Facebook fan pages.

“We try to stay on the pulse of how our alumni want to connect with one another,” says James Stofan, associate vice chancellor for alumni relations. “More and more we hear from alumni who say they want to build connections based both on their time as a student and on their current shared interests.”

The program has expanded into other Alumni Association outreach efforts, too. This fall, for example, the Vanderbilt Travel Program will offer niche travel adventures designed specifically for alumni with Common Connections. At Reunion in October, alumni will enjoy “Mini Reunions” centered on shared history or interests.

New Common Connections groups are forming all the time. Go here and let us know what kind of group you’d like to start.

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