Travel Program Announces 2010 Destinations

The Alumni Travel Program visits India and the Taj Mahal in 2008.

The Alumni Travel Program visits India and the Taj Mahal in 2008.

The Alumni Travel Program announces its schedule for 2010, offering the Vanderbilt community 11 all-inclusive getaways to diverse, culturally rich locales around the world. Each itinerary package is booked through trusted providers, and travelers are joined by a Vanderbilt professor who will offer an exclusive “beyond the classroom” perspective on the journey.

Destinations for 2010 include Antarctica (Jan. 6–19); Australia and New Zealand (March 7–20); Egypt (March 9–22); the Canary Islands, Morocco and the Iberian Peninsula (April 8–16); Italian and Croatian cities along the Adriatic Sea (May 5–14); London and the English countryside (early May); Paris and the regions of Burgundy and Provence, France (May 15–26); Beijing and cities along the Silk Road, China (May 30–June 13); Alaska (June 20–27); a journey through Europe including Holland, Germany, Switzerland and France (June 30–July 10); and the wine country of Argentina and Chile (November).

The Vanderbilt Alumni Travel Program allows you to discover fascinating cultures and regions halfway around the world with knowledgeable faculty representatives and a group of like-minded travelers, many of whom return year after year.

The 2009 travel season is still in full swing, with vacancies available for excursions to the Great Lakes of America, ancient cities of the Mediterranean Sea, Spain, the French countryside, and Patagonia. For more information visit  the Vanderbilt Travel Program Web site or e-mail

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