Fall 2019 Staff


Ryan Underwood, BA’96

Executive Editor

Seth Robertson

Art Director

Michelle McMillen

Managing Editor

Phillip B. Tucker

Associate Editor

Bonnie Arant Ertelt, BS’81


Heidi VanZant, Donna Pritchett, Abigail Miller

Copy Editor

Donna B. Smith, BJ Rogers


Daniel Dubois, Joe Howell, Anne Rayner, John Russell, Susan Urmy

Associate Vice Chancellor, University Relations

Melanie Moran


Lucie Alig, Matt Anderson, Jalen Blue, Tricia Blumenthal, Joan Brasher, Douglas Christiansen, Zac Ellis, Liz Entman, Andrew Faught, Kara Furlong, Kim Green, Heidi Hall, Sydnie Hockstein, Laura Hutson Hunter, Elizabeth Cook Jenkins, Tom Kertscher, Lorena Infante Lara, Princine Lewis, Amanda Little, Dan Lovinger, Leigh MacMillan, Dr. Jonathan M. Metzl, Stephen Ornes, Ann Marie Deer Owens, John Pitcher, Jan Read, Grace Renshaw, Bill Snyder, Cindy Thomsen, Alexandra Valnoski, Vanderbilt Athletics, Sarah Wolf

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