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Wi-Fi security

VUIT debuts new Wi-Fi upgrades for 2019-20

Aug. 21, 2019—In addition to a new, streamlined onboarding process for connecting to vuNet, there are now three more ways to connect to Wi-Fi on the Vanderbilt University campus: vuGuest, eduroam and vuDevices.

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Patch your Windows system to protect from Wi-Fi vulnerability; use wired connection for other operating systems

Oct. 19, 2017—A vulnerability was identified Monday in all wireless internet connections. All VMDP-managed and DTS-managed Windows devices were patched this week and are no longer vulnerable to this attack.

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Steps to protect yourself when using public Wi-Fi

Oct. 25, 2016—The Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) campus has a secured vuNet Wi-Fi connection that requires a valid VuNetID and an ePassword to access. In addition to authentication, all traffic on the vuNet Wi-Fi network is encrypted. The Medical Center Wi-Fi network is very secure, but that is not the case for many public Wi-Fi access points.

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