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Wellcast: ‘There’s an App for That! Self-Monitoring Your Healthy Habits’

May. 15, 2019—David Schlundt, associate professor of psychology, discusses why self-monitoring is so effective in helping establish healthy habits and shares the best ways to self-monitor.

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Wellcast: ‘Understanding Heart Disease in Women’

Apr. 5, 2019—Sharmin Basher, Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine and physician at the Vanderbilt Women’s Heart Program, talks about important differences in heart disease in women as compared to men. Read more information on the Vanderbilt Women’s Heart Program.

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Wellcast: ‘PrEP: Not Just Another Acronym’

Jan. 30, 2019—In this episode, Dr. Sean Kelly, assistant professor in the Division of Infectious Disease at VUMC, talks about pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). PrEP is a medication regimen to prevent transmission of HIV in high risk populations.

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Wellcast: What do you need to know about the flu shot?

Dec. 5, 2018—Listen to Dr. Tom Talbot, chief epidemiologist for Vanderbilt University Medical Center, speak with Tanicia Haynes from Occupational Health about the importance of the flu shot and common misconceptions associated with the vaccination.

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Wellcast: How to have healthy holidays

Nov. 21, 2018—Marissa Wertheimer, a registered dietitian/nutritionist and lifestyle coach for Health Plus, shares three key tips for eating healthfully, staying active and managing weight this holiday season.

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Wellcast: Manage your medical information with My Health at Vanderbilt

Aug. 15, 2018—Dr. Trent Rosenbloom, an internist and pediatrician on faculty in the Department of Biomedical Informatics and the director of My Health at Vanderbilt, discusses the many benefits and ease of use of My Health at Vanderbilt, the premier patient portal available to all patients of Vanderbilt.

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Wellcast: Is my spending an addiction?

Jul. 17, 2018—Listen to the Employee Assistance Program interview local therapist, Michael Murphy LCSW, about the dangers of emotional spending. 

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Wellcast: Benefits of ‘Know Your Numbers’ program

Jun. 13, 2018—Robby Bishop of Health Plus and Rosie Mosley of the Vanderbilt Information Management Department discuss the Know Your Numbers program, a biometrics measurement program that is a benefit for faculty and staff. .

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Wellcast: I am not my diagnosis

Jun. 12, 2018—One in five American adults experience some form of mental illness each year. In this EAP Wellcast, Rosemary Cope, EAP Counselor, and Emma Finn, LMFT, RN-BC discuss how a diagnosis of a mental health condition can mark a new beginning of a happy and productive life rather define or diminish a person and what they can contribute to society.

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Wellcast: ‘FutureVU and a Healthier You’

May. 16, 2018—Vice Chancellor for Administration Eric Kopstain discusses FutureVU, Vanderbilt's land use planning initiative. He explains the goals of FutureVU and describes the many ways it is enhancing the health and wellness of faculty, staff and students.

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Wellcast: Raising awareness of male survivors of sexual assault

Apr. 24, 2018—All survivors of abuse/sexual assault deserve support and understanding, but the experience of males is often overlooked due to social attitudes, stereotypes and reluctance to come forward. Studies suggest that one in six boys in the United States will become victims of sexual assault before they turn 18.

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Wellcast: ‘Your Financial Health is Important Too’

Apr. 18, 2018—Diane Gilbert, director of budgeting at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, discusses the most important components of financial health, the steps we should take to manage it, and the many benefits Vanderbilt offers faculty and staff to improve their financial wellbeing.

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